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EuroMillions Max Syndicate - Europe’s richest weekly lottery is EuroMillions, and EuroMillions Max gives more chances to win a share of the €3.3 Billion it pays out each year. EuroMillions is famous for the size of its jackpots and the amount of cash it awards to players across its 13 prize tiers.. The record jackpot of €238 Million was won in July 2011. - EuroMillions is drawn every Tuesday and Friday, giving players 2 chances each week to win Millions of dollars. The jackpot kicks off at a guaranteed €15 Million and you’ll have 50 chances to win in every single draw.

EuroMillions Mini Syndicate - With its big-money jackpots, total annual prize payout of €3.3 billion and 13 ways to win, it’s no wonder lottery lovers can’t get enough of EuroMillions. The top prize, which kicks off at a guaranteed €15 million, went over €125 Million 3 times in 2011 alone. Then there’s the record jackpot of €238 million… We bet you’d like a share of that.  Our EuroMillions Mini Syndicate gives you 25 chances to win in every EuroMillions draw. That’s 50 chances every week and, because you’re playing in a syndicate, your odds of hitting the big prize are massively enhanced.

EuroClub - EuroClub is our exclusive syndicate for lottery fans who want to max out their chances of hitting the EuroMillions jackpot, which can reach €190 Million. With 100 chances to win on every single draw and only a limited number of VIP shares available, EuroClub is the crème de la crème of EuroMillions syndicates. - Many players who join EuroClub are existing customers who have already tried our EuroMillions Max or Mini syndicates. With 200 chances every week to win and just 220 shares, EuroClub is the world’s leading EuroMillions syndicate, available exclusively from WinTrillions.
EuroJackpot Syndicate -   If you’re a player with a positive attitude and you love trying something new, you’ll want to know Eurojackpot. Europe’s newest mega lottery is shaping up to rival EuroMillions for its prize-winning potential and you’re actually 2 times more likely to hit the jackpot. The Eurojackpot Syndicate gives you even more chances to win up to €117 Million each week. - Jackpots are guaranteed to start at €13 million and there are 12 prize categories, making this the perfect game for anyone who likes lots of winning chances. It’s played across 7 countries, which means more than 50 million people are buying tickets each week, pushing the prize fund higher and higher. Euro Combo Syndicate - Euro Combo is custom made for players who want to play the richest, most popular weekly games in Europe with ease and convenience. Players can get in on all the action with multiple chances to win on EuroMillions and Eurojackpot simply by joining the Euro Combo Syndicate. - The potential combined prize money for these two lotteries could total up to €366 million. The Euro Combo Syndicate gives you the chance to win your share of prize money and play both games with a minimum of fuss, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the experience. Each game has numerous prize levels in addition to the jackpot, so there’s plenty of cash prizes to be won every single week.

Irish Lotto Syndicate - Take a lottery with great odds and great payouts, add in the fact you’re much more likely to as part of syndicate, and you’ll see why our Irish Lotto Syndicate is so popular. The Irish Lotto Syndicate is a great way to boost your chances of winning a game that already offers the best odds of any national lottery in the world. - With rollover jackpots that can hit €25 Million and 7 prize tiers, it’s not hard to see why the Irish love their lotto. Plus, with only 45 numbers, you’re 42 percent more likely to win compared to a more usual 6/49 lottery game. With 20 tickets in every draw, giving you 40 chances to win each week, you’re even more likely to win big when you play our Irish Lotto Syndicate.

Powerball Syndicate - If you’re going to play, you may as well play big. That’s what the USA Powerball Syndicate is all about. With the minimum jackpot guaranteed at $40 million and 2 draws every week, USA Powerball is a game that starts big, ramps up fast and keeps on driving until the jackpot’s won. The largest ever rollover jackpot was $590 million—the second largest payout in the history of American lotteries. - In addition to delivering mega-rollovers in the hundreds of millions, Powerball has 9 prize levels, including the jackpot. There are plenty of cash prizes to win, and players can win a prize by matching just 1 number—the Powerball itself. And when you play in the USA Powerball Syndicate you get 80 chances to win in every single draw!

Mega Millions Syndicate - They say you can’t win if you don’t play the game. So why play not play the game 60 times a week and see what happens? That’s what the USA Mega Millions Syndicate is all about … Multiple chances to win the world’s richest weekly lottery. - With a record jackpot of US$656 Million, they don’t come much bigger than USA Mega Millions. The top prize kicks off at a guaranteed US$15 Million, but it’s the rollovers that really define this lottery game. Even the second tier prize is US$1 Million. With 2 draws a week, the big money jackpots soon build up and, when you play the USA Mega Millions Syndicate, you have 60 chances to win.

Oz Lotto Syndicate - Australians love their lotto and, with games as exciting as Oz Lotto on offer, it’s not hard to see why. The game is played only once a week, meaning all the prize money is on offer in a single draw. And when you play with our Oz Lotto Syndicate, you have 36 chances each week to win a jackpot that can hit Au$109 Million. - With a guaranteed minimum jackpot of Au$2 Million, rollovers are common and the popularity of the games means the top prize can hit Au$5 Million, even without a rollover. There are also regular Super Draws with a guaranteed jackpot of between Au$12 Million and Au$17 Million. Oz Lotto Syndicate gives you enhance odds and more chances to win some serious cash.

Power Combo Syndicate - Put USA Powerball and USA Mega Millions together with Italy’s SuperEnalotto and you’ve got the Power Combo Syndicate. It combines 3 of the world’s richest lotteries and gives players 20 chances to win on 7 individual draws. That’s 140 chances to win serious money every single week. - The potential combined prize money available for these 3 games could reach up to US$1.3 Billion. They’re so big that there’s a guaranteed US$112 million to be won every week in jackpot prizes alone. If you’re playing for high stakes with enhanced odds, Power Combo Syndicate is the game for you. SuperEnalotto Syndicate - Italy’s SuperEnalotto is a game for those who like to play for big money and play often. Its record jackpot was €223 million, and everyone’s betting that that this will be exceeded before too long. With 3 games every week, rollovers come rapidly and you never have to wait long for your next chance to win. - Italy’s SuperEnalotto Syndicate gives lottery you an in -built advantage by giving you 40 chances to win on every draw. That’s 120 chances each week to share in some of the biggest jackpot prizes in Europe. And with the jackpot starting at €1.7 million and often rolling into multi-millions, more and more players are taking their chances with the Italy’s SuperEnalotto Syndicate. La Primitiva Syndicate - Spain’s Primitiva pays out nearly €1 billion a year in prizes to its players. With its twice-weekly draws and jackpot prize pools that can reach nearly €37 million, this game has ‘winner’ written all over it. It’s madly popular in its home country of Spain, and players all over the world flock to it too. - But why play with just 1 ticket when you can have 40 chances to win? With Spain’s Primitiva Syndicate you play 40 tickets in every single draw, giving you 80 chances each week to win one of the world’s richest lotteries. Big-money rollover draws of up to €37 million occur throughout the year, making the Spain’s Primitiva Syndicate the obvious choice for players who like to maximise their chances.
Florida Syndicate - Florida Lotto is one of the richest state lotteries in America, and the Florida Lotto Syndicate can maximize your chances of winning. When you join the Florida Lotto Syndicate, you get 50 chances to win in every draw – and there are 2 draws every week. That’s 100 chances every week to win a share of jackpots that can hit US$106 Million. - Florida Lotto jackpots start at US$2 Million and top prizes of US$10 Million or more are a regular occurrence. Numbers like that make Florida Lotto Syndicate a great way to play, giving you more opportunities to win your share of Millions in cash prizes. Mexico’s Club Superior Syndicate - With a 1-in-5 chance of winning and minimum jackpot payout of MX$7.5 Million, Mexico's Sorteo Superior is already one of the world's most exciting lottery games. But play our exclusive Club Superior Syndicate and you can super-power your winning chances with 40 tickets in every draw. Mexico’s Club Mayor Syndicate - How would you like 40 chances every week to win MX$18 Million? That's what you can do when you play our exclusive Mexico’s Club Mayor Syndicate. And with a 1-in-7 chance of winning on every ticket, the odds are in your favour.
Mexico’s Club de Diez Syndicate - With a lottery that already offers a 1-in-4 chance of winning, there’s only one way to enhance your winning chances even more. Play our exclusive Mexican Club de Diez Syndicate today and you get to play 40 tickets in every draw, each with a 1-in-4 chance of winning a cash prize!

Spain's Christmas El Gordo Syndicate - Spain’s Christmas El Gordo is the richest lottery draw in the world, paying out €2.24 Billion in the country that has more national lottery games than any other. Christmas El Gordo already offers a 1-in-7 chance of winning at least €1,000, but now you can enhance your winning odds even more with our ultra-exclusive Christmas El Gordo Syndicate. - Boost your chances of winning €640 Million in jackpot prizes by playing in a syndicate with other Christmas El Gordo fans. Each syndicate will have 250 members and share 100 tickets in the super-rich draw. Which means you have 100 tickets, each with a 1-in-7 chance of winning.




Pub lottery syndicate celebrates lottery win

Celebrations of this pub lottery syndicate after lottery win - Photo: ITV Meridian

16 January 2015 - A pub lottery syndicate is celebrating after scooping a million pounds on the lottery.

The syndicate of six from The Jolly Boatman in Lewes Road in Newhaven are each £166,000 better off after winning Euromillions .

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What is a Lottery Syndicate ?

A Lottery Syndicate is a team of lottery lovers who pool their resources to buy more tickets and share any winnings between each member. This massively enhances their odds of winning a cash prize. For example, 10 people might come together to play Power Combo Syndicate. Their syndicate buys 10 tickets for every draw. If one of the tickets wins $1 Million, each member receives $100,000 (10 percent) of the prize money. If more than 1 ticket wins in the same draw, the same rules apply, so a prize of $100,000 on 1 ticket and $50,000 on another ticket would equal $15,000 for each syndicate member. When you play in a Lottery Syndicate with WinTrillions we do all the work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy playing the world’s richest lotteries.

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